Two Sound Clips

I’ve been promising these for a while – it was worth the wait. The clips were recorded using my new cabinet – with the 6 inch speaker – at low volume but you can’t tell.

The two sound clips were recorded using an SE2000 mic into a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB audio interface. The mic was 6 inches (15cm) away from the speaker and right on the axis. The rhythm part was panned hard left and the lead part hard right in order that you can easily separate the individual recordings. The recording level was not changed during the creation of these clips and the relative volumes of the individual recordings was not changed. The clips were normalised after being combined into a stereo mix but that is the only change that was made to the recorded signal.


This was played on a Parker NightFly HSS Superstrat at 0.5 Watt. Gain was set for 1-2 o’clock for both the rhythm and lead parts and the tone controls were left top dead-centre. The rhythm part was played on the neck/middle “inbetween” pickup position – you can hear the amp is right on the edge of break-up. Lead was played on the neck, middle and bridge (humbucker) one after the other in that order.


This was played on an all-mahogany PRS single-cut with P90 pickups. They’re hotter than most other pickups so push the amp hard. The amp was set to 0.25 Watt and a little bass was taken off  and a little treble added. Gain for the rhythm part – which was played on the neck pickup – was set at 2-3 o’clock and the lead part – played on the bridge pickup – was on max (of course).

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