Real Progress on Northcourt


Progress has been slow up to this point but all the effort that was put into the design is starting to pay off and the amp is coming together quickly. I have made one minor change to the plan: I was going to put the flying-leads onto the valve sockets to keep the turret-board tidy until it was put into the chassis but I realised that would be rather impractical so the flying leads are now soldered onto the turrets as you can see. It makes the board a little more difficult to work with but  it would be very difficult to solder flying-leads onto turrets in the chassis. Much easier this way and I discovered a little dodge to keep the flying-leads out of the way.

I have a ValvePower guitar combo that uses perforated turret board so I had a close look at that and noticed that the flying-leads were pushed through the holes to keep them out of the way of the rest of the circuit. A neat idea that I adopted immediately – you can see the effect in the picture.

I haven’t designed this into the circuit but I need a way to cut the low bass. This requirement has come up a few times in conversations with bass players and it makes sense. In a domestic environment rooms are small and the wavelengths of bass notes are relatively large. At home bass-player will have to reduce the amplitude of low bass to avoid problems. By how much is the big question; more research is required.

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