Northcourt Board Layout… At Last

board-layoutChristmas has come and gone and I’ve finally had the chance to finalize the layout for the Northcourt turret-board. It’s pretty small because it has to be to fit in the case so the components are pretty tightly packed in. Some of the components will be mounted off-board to save a little space: C7, C18 and R30 will be mounted on the tone controls and R24 and R25 will be mounted on the valve sockets.

turret-board-installedYou’ll have noticed that the turret-board has lots of holes in it. This allows the turrets – which are screw-mounted – to be easily re-positioned. A useful approach when you’re as fond of making mistakes as I am. The turrets and board came from The turrets aren’t cheap but the approach does simplify things.

The next step is to wire up the chassis with flying-leads to attach to the turret-board. Hopefully, I will get the time to do this soon.

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