After reading Merlin Blencowe’s books (you can find out more about them in an earlier post), I have been inspired to change the circuits of both Little One and Northcourt Mk II. The changes aren’t major but I’m finding Merlin’s books incredibly useful so, if you have any interest in building guitar valve/tube amplifiers buy them before they go out of print (as they surely will).

The NOS Svetlana EF86s arrived from the Ukraine and I love them. I only ordered two but when I heard them I was compelled buy another pair. With one of these in Little One it doesn’t seem to matter what valve/tube you use for the phase inverter or the power stage; it always sounds good. I will produce some recordings ASAP.

I was looking for a can capacitor for Northcourt Mk II and found the AudioCap website. A good source for specialist audio capacitors. The capacitors for the Northcourt rebuild were ordered from there and arrived within a couple of days. Other components will be ordered from AmpMaker but the next step is to plan the layout. More on that later.

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