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The First Post

Hopefully this will give you a flavour of the content to come. I started working on guitar valve/tube amplifiers a little over ten years ago. I haven’t had much chance to work on them recently but here are two that I have designed and built some time ago.

I recently spent some time swapping out valves and listening critically to the tones produced by Little One. I concluded:

  1. That I prefer the sound of an EF86 in place of the EF83. You get ore gain therefore more distortion which sounds awesome (but you also get more hiss)
  2. Of the EF83 valves I tried, I preferred Valvo to Telefunken
  3. Mullard ECC83s really are pretty special. The sound is a lot crisper with a Mullard (rather than a Brimar) acting as the phase inverter
  4. Changing the ECC82 doesn’t change things much. I tried Mullard, Tungsram, Mazda and a valve of dubious origin and it didn’t make as much difference as I was expecting

To combat the his produced by the EF86s I’m going to try some Sylvania military-grade EF86s. I’ll update the sound-clips when they arrive.

I used The Camel on some songs that I wrote. Here are a couple of links so you can put the sound of the amp in proper context:

The singing isn’t great but I do like the sound of the guitars. The next project is going to be a small valve bass amp. I’ll post more information soon.