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Raspyfi: Sweet music from a Raspberry Pi?

It’s a terrible name; “Raspyfi”. The word sounds like something you would do to a bit of wood. You might say: “I’m sorry darling but the dog’s raspified the kitchen table again”. But, in fact, RaspyFi is an open source Linux distribution that will transform your Raspberry Pi into an audiophile source or so the website says. A bold claim for a £28 computer but I’ve tried it and it works.

I connected my SMSL TAD-01 Tripath amp and an external hard drive to my Raspberry Pi using USB connections and was impressed by the quality of the output. The only shortcoming that I can see is that there is no support for DLNA (just Airplay). I’d like to get DLNA working with it because all my music is shared using DLNA so you’ll be hearing more about this soon (I hope).