What’s it all about?

My interests seem to mix art and technology in equal measure. For example, I love listening to music but find myself equally captivated by the process and tools used to create it. In my view there is little to differentiate the creative process used by the technologist who creates a guitar amplifier from the approach taken by the musician who uses the amplifier to create original music. Both spend years learning their craft, dig deep and put something of themselves into their creations.

It will come as no surprise, then, that I both build guitar amplifiers and record music. Both activities require me to realise the sounds that I can hear in my mind’s ear; the abstract has to be made concrete. So this website will contain a mix of technology and art. The primary emphasis will be music and music production/reproduction but I’m bound to stray off topic.  I want to use these pages to share my discoveries and the fruits of my labour and to exchange ideas with others so please  do read a respond to my posts.


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